10 Feb 2020

Why You Should Be Interested In 3PL Services?


Starting A business holding is the fun and easy part. Anyone with a unique idea and a steady internet connection can now start their own thing online. It is building a reputation for your brand and earning the trust of the customers that takes real work. This is where factors like 3PL can become a USP for your business’ supply chain. A 3PL (third party logistics) service provider will take on all responsibilities of warehousing, shipping, procurement, distribution, and fulfillment, on your behalf. Business owners can now add new customization options, SEO features, marketing solutions and more with these 3PL services. Other perks of opting for 3PL services are as below:

Integrations for inventory management


Inventory management is an important aspect of any company. You need a quick and accurate record of all the transactions in between departments. This would also include creating reports, sorting through huge datasets, analyzing information and curating insights from various customer feedback. Inventory management helps you keep an eye out on the stocks and sales of the company

The 3PL tools help you keep the hackers in check. The anti-virus software secures the network. Your inventory management techniques make things quicker, and cheaper. A quick look online would give you the chance to review multiple such plugins. Read through their reviews, check their websites and consult a professional if needs.

Tools for shipment


These tools and platforms also allow brands to determine their prices, build e-commerce web stores and ship orders for free. You can now reach out to more people via email, social media, and other mediums. Expand your customer base, get more leads and convert them to success sales. Simply taking purchase orders is not enough though. You should also have a systematic process to dispatch these orders. This is where 3PLs regarding shipment comes into play. The plug-in allows you to customize deliveries, determine the lowest freight rates and more.

Tools for tracking orders


Some tools and platforms also allow brands to olive to track their orders. This gives you better control over the deliveries. Additional warehousing and transporting services add on to your convenience. These tools also determine the timely delivery of orders and payment collection.

Ecommerce has simplified the way we conduct business. Everything is more easily available. The customer faces the problem of plenty. 3PL tools help them give extra oomph. You have advance platforms for scheduling events, setting reminders and dispatching orders.

The bottom line


It is not easy to run a business, especially if you are a novice trying to handle their first venture. It takes real courage and intelligence to foresee opportunities in such a scenario, 3PLs come as a lifesaver. These features give you an extra edge over the competition. They also reduce your cost, improve visibility and offer other benefits.


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