23 Dec 2020

What Are the Advantages of Air Freight?

Air Freight

To be on time means a lot. If your goods or services are not delivered on time, it means you lose and your competitor gains. So you must have efficient means of transportation for your goods.

And, undoubtedly, the air is the best way to move things from A to B. delivering goods through the air is also known as Air Freight. If you are in the export-import business, then air freight is the best way. You need to know about air cargo rates and charges.

The perks of using air freight services


You need to run your business efficiently. The emphasis is that you get in the revenue, save on costs, and expand your activities. How is this possible? Partner with an agency that assists you with deals and discounts. A reputable agency will work out the best air freight rates to your advantage. You can also lookout for a company like LCLXchange that collects quotes from various air freight carriers. This way, you get the flexibility of going with the quote that bests suits your distinct needs.

Air is the top choice for industries like automotive, electronics, construction, etc. According to reports, Air Freight makes up almost 35 % of all trade activities. If you still have some confusion, here are some advantages

1 –Speedy deliveries 

Air Freight and speedy delivery go hand in hand. The most obvious reason is that air transport follows strict arrival and departure rules. And so the lanes are always clear. When you have to deliver an urgent parcel, air freight will take 24 to 48 hours, whereas, by ship, the number of days would be 30 to 60 days, or more, depending upon the destination.

2 – Better security measures 

When you choose to ship through air freight, you have the assurance of safe delivery. The reason is that airlines follow strict disciplinary codes. The security system at the airports is top-grade. Besides, there are lots of checks and continuous surveillance systems at the airport. With air freight, you know the risks of thefts, loss, pilferage, and misplacements are lesser.

3 – Lower insurance fees

If you ship by any other method, your consignment stay in transit for long periods. It means that you have to pay an insurance premium for more extended periods. But when you ship through air freight, the transfer takes a shorter time. So you pay a lesser premium as the process is more concise.

4 – Less need for a warehouse 

Efficiency is the second name of air freight. When your consignments come through the air, you get faster deliveries. And there is no requirement of keeping your parcels in the warehouse as cargo handlers and agents work out to get your goods faster. Your cargo gets clearance on the same day.

5 – Easy tracking 

You can stay updated on the progress of your consignment. You can do this tracking by signing in to applications on the web. This way, you can continuously monitor the status of your cargo. It is one of the significant advantages of choosing air freight for transportation.

6 – Global reach 

Airfreight is the right solution for all your requirements. Toady business partners are located at remote locations also. Airports cater to the demands of domestic as well as international zones. So you have access to many places across the globe.

To wrap it up 

Join hand with a reputable and trustworthy agency for all your transportation needs and also get an opportunity to work at the best international air freight ratesAll this with just a few clicks on


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