23 Dec 2020

LCLConnect An Innovative Supply Chain Networking Initiative

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Customers and suppliers in the supply chain logistics domain have very few avenues to get together and indulge in fruitful engagements. Marketplace aggregators like LCLXchange are one of these handfuls of avenues where customers can be exposed to a lot of freight forwarders and cargo carriers across air, ocean, and road transportation.

Customers can place specifications of their consignment to be transported and get competitive quotes from multiple suppliers. However, what if there is an outbound channel too available for the freight carriers and shipping companies to reach out to customers?

The rise of supply chain networking 

The traditional aggregator services model was to have the freight forwarders come to the customers with their quotes. However, LCLXchange has taken this one step ahead. It has now opened up a new way for carriers to engage with potential customers. They can now get on the logistic network that works just like social media networking platforms.

What does it mean for freight forwarders?

Freight carriers get one more channel to attract the attention of potential customers. They can publish newsworthy achievements and highlights that have happened within their company. Everything from recent accomplishments and awards to industry affiliations – a freight carrier would have many pieces of news to share and promote. All they need is a suitable platform where these newsworthy highlights translate to revenue boost for the suppliers or cargo delivery or warehousing/ distribution. LCLxchange tries to provide such a strong platform with its supply chain logistics networking called “LCLConnect”

Freight forwarders get their own social media engagement networking channel with the ability to

1 – Create an account and join it for better visibility

2 – Post and Comment on topics

3 – Create and participate in groups

Cargo forwarding companies can highlight accomplishments like winning an award, industry recognition, seminars, webinars, conferences, press coverage, or trade show participation on LCLConnect.

Such regular posting elevates the level of credibility of the company. It leads to more likes and shares. These social networking activities further improve the brand visibility of the company. Customers who are looking for freight carriers will be hooked to such achievements and build trust in the brand. This will go a long way in driving engagement with the brand. This way, the supply chain logistics networking site will accelerate the conversion process.

Freight forwarders and operators can connect with LCLConnect and give momentum to their business promotion endeavors.

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