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    Which Factors Determine Freight Rates?

    There are many factors that determine the cost of shipping freight. The primary factors that can have an effect on freight shipping rates are dimensions and weight. You are required to provide accurate measurements and weight of your cargo when requesting a quote to avoid any kind of discrepancies in your estimate. Incorrect or adjusted volumes or weights can result in billing adjustments.

    Below mentioned are commodity types that our providers generally ship.

    • Food and Beverage
    • Agricultural Products
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Engines and Transmissions
    • Pallets of Consumer Packaged Goods
    • Building and Remodeling Materials
    • Ready to Assemble Furniture

    How to Get Cheaper Freight Shipping Rates?

    In the freight shipping industry, the more you ship the lower your rates. Businesses that don't ship regularly are at a disadvantage. At the LCLXchange, we offer the best freight transportation and quotes and great service regardless of your shipping frequency, volume or weight.

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    The answer is simple: With the help of our shipping network, we are able to negotiate discounts of up to 50% to 75% off shipping carriers usual rates.

    We recognize that any additional overhead in business can significantly impact profit margins in the long run. That's why we make every effort to give you freight quotes online that are budget-friendly.

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