23 Dec 2020

Find an Ocean Freight Shipping Company That Offers the Best Rates and Services

Ocean Freight Shipping

Having a business and running a business are two different things- especially when you are into exports or imports. And, above all, running successful trading requires timely deliveries to meet the demand and the supply. Being on time means you are a smart entrepreneur who values time and takes care to meet customers’ requirements.

If you are running a successful trade, it means that customers keep coming back to you. It is crucial on your part to meet their demands. And for this, you need to have products in place. And how do you ensure the supply? Of course, with the timely shipments!

And to meet a deadline, you need to join an agency and get the best ocean freight shipping quotes

How to find a reliable international Ocean freight shipping company 


First of all, it is essential to know about the factors that affect your shipping costs

1 – Zone-specific charges

2 – Taxes and duties

3 – Custom fees

4 – Freight associated charges

5 – carrier-related fees

6 – Port charges

7 – Inland charges

8 – Documentation charges

9 – Cargo Insurance fees

10 – Delay charges

With so many expenses to handle, you have to choose a service that offers you the best rates. Here are some guidelines that can help you find a reliable ocean freight shipping company that provides the best rates and services

1 – years of experience

Working with a company that has experience can save you lots of expenses. You can manage to avoid the delay in the shipment if the shipping company know the best routes

2 – The services provided

Look for all the benefits that the company offers. For example, customs clearance, freight consolidation, inventory management, booking cargo space, tracking, packing, etc. This way, you get everything under a single roof and don’t have to run through many doors.

3 – Cooperative customer service

Choose to associate with a company that offers excellent customer service. A company has to keep the lines of communication open twenty-four hours for you. The staff handling all your cargo requirements should support you throughout the process.

4 – A global network

For business activities outside the country, you may need international shipping or ocean freight. You have to make sure that the company you choose has the infrastructure to deliver your goods at the destination port. You can use LCLConnect to get in touch with hundreds and thousands of peers from your industry.

How to get international shipping quotes 


You know about all the costs that incur, and how to choose a company. It’s time to get the quotes. You will find some websites not displaying any rates; you have to contact them via email or phone. But you will have to wait for the response. And even if they offer estimates, it won’t meet your expectations. So what are your options in such a scenario? What if the wait is endless?

As an alternate, you can register yourself at www.lclxchange.com. This strategy can reduce the waiting period; get the best rates and outstanding services for your needs and requirements.

To wrap it up 

You can get the benefit of international shipping quotes online by connecting with a trustworthy agency. You need not even visit multiple vendors for this purpose. Login to LCLXchange and send your request for a quote. The site will obtain competitive rates from its vetted network of shipping carriers. You can then choose to partner with a reputed agency that offers assistance with handling your cargo at the best rates.


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