23 Nov 2020

How to Get Lower Freight Rates for LTL & Truckload Shipments

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Shipping is a regular activity for many businesses. Many firms rely on a steady supply of commodities for carrying out their essential business activities. On the other hand, companies that produce finished products need to supply them to the wholesalers and retailers.

The pricing of shipping and freight delivery services depends on many factors; distance, time deadline, method of delivery, and so on are some of the basic things that affect the freight prices.

For domestic freight delivery, the mode of transport is usually a truck. Here the term ‘truck’ means a sizeable commercial-grade juggernaut. For transportation via truck, the prices depend on the amount of load carried by the vehicle.

If the truck that is transporting your cargo carries the load with its full capacity, then the individual clients do not feel a pinch on their pockets.

However, suppose if the truck has to carry less-than-truckload (LTL) capacity, then the shipping company will divide the overall transport expenses amongst the clients, which may significantly increase the prices.

Here are some tips for getting a reasonable freight trucking quote with LTL transport that is also reasonably applicable to full truckload cargoes.

1- Plan your shipment

One of the key ways to ensure that you do not pay hefty fees for shipping for LTL cargo transport is to plan the shipment. This means that you estimate the number of finished goods to be produced over the next few days or weeks.

Doing this can be useful as it will help you consolidate the freight and get a fair truck freight shipping quote by choosing a full truckload option. You can make batches of loads to be shipped together and ship them together with one truckload.

This way, you can rest assured that the shipping firm does not have any deficit for itself to spill over to you.

2- Choose the right route

Even transporting the freight within the country, some freight delivery companies offer more than one path at different prices. The longer routes take longer duration and are often complicated; however, the problem they pose is that they take much longer time than the regular paths.

The routes are chosen so that the cargo delivery company arranges deliveries en route to more clients than usual. Depending on your shipment’s urgency, you can choose for a long journey for a cost-effective price.

3- Choose urgent shipping wisely

One of the biggest reasons for a higher freight truck quote is the urgency of shipping your products. Expeditious shipping can be exorbitantly pricey as it makes the shipping company start the process without completing the truckload.

However, delayed shipping could have unwanted impacts on the business too. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to choose between regular and urgent shipping wisely.

To conclude

These were some tips for getting a reasonable freight trucking quote with LTL transport that is also reasonably applicable to full truckload cargoes. By choosing the right route and shipment mode, you can cut down on the costs and have a considerable profit. You can use avenues like LCLXchange to know freight costs from different provider. You get the power to choose the apt carrier as per your specific needs and save a lot on your logistics costs.


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