17 Mar 2020

Why Container Shipping Rates Are Cheaper When You Buy the Container?

Container Shipping Rates

Shipping containers are known to transport raw materials and previously packaged goods. The container is rectangular and carries universal dimensions. The vessel also owes its success towards its standardization. However, many shipping customers are purchasing the boxes rather than renting them. Although it may sound unusual to your ears, the Container Shipping Rates are much more affordable when you buy them for your services and needs.

Reasons to purchase your shipping containers

When purchasing your shipping container is difficult, as you have to go through all the plus and minuses and sometimes both in the process. As the shipper, it is your responsibility to take care of the costs and risks associated with each of the freight shipments, both in terms of financial resources and time. Given below are several reasons why buying shipping contains is the best option. They are:

 1. The cost of the shipping container:

When you think of purchasing a shipping container, the process is not that complicated, and it carries several additional procedures as well. The price of a shipping container ranges from $1500 to $2500 per box, and when you compare air freight charges with it, the price is low. An accomplished freight forwarder will use their expertise and assist you in purchasing one shipping container to coordinate the actual shipment.

 2. No need for demurrage and detention fees:

Once you purchase a shipping container, it will be not be subjected to the shipping line’s detention and demurrage fees. The charges are only applied to the shipping containers when they are rented by shippers. Owning a shipping container means, it is the exclusive property of the purchaser and the shipper, so this demurrage and detention charges will not be applied.

 3. Terminate the delays and costs due to shortages:

Another benefit of owning a shipping container is the possibility of having equipment shortages by the line during urgent or emergency shipments. You will come across shipping lines, which adds a disclaimer to all their rate quotes, which states that the prices are subjected to their vessels and equipment availability. When you look for the cheapest service rates, you might come across a situation where the availability of the shipping containers will be less. However, the most affordable service will not be the best service, and choosing the most affordable line will allow you to face delays on shipments and vessels. Therefore, when you own a shipping container, such delays can be avoided in the process.

 4. Reduces the trucking cost:

What happens when you are far away from an inland container depot? It is prevalent to come across container yards providing sea-worthy containers for sale. It is available in the areas of freight traffic and overflowing commerce, and it can be chosen closer to your loading area than a container depot. It will help you save the right amount of money in freight trucking quotes cost, which is associated with the hauling to your loading location from the depot and back again. You can keep it at your site when you think you are ready to use it again.

Own a shipping container to carry out your shipments

Purchasing is not always a better option than renting, but if you an individual moving to a place like Madagascar, then buying a shipping container will be the right choice for you.


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