22 Oct 2020

Why Choose Reputed Shipping Services for Air Cargo Consolidation?

Air Cargo

Air cargo consolidation is the practice of mixing lots from the multiple consignees into one single shipment. All the freight will get listed under the same bill, but they will carry a house waybill to keep their cargo organized. If you do not have a massive amount to fill the plane, this freight forward process will be an ideal solution for you. Along with that, opting for this method will also help save plenty of cost for the shipping. You can opt for the air cargo consolidation from a well-known company as they provide urgent shipping services of goods without any hassle. You can use the services of LCLXchange to receive quotes from multiple air cargo carriers. This way, you will discover a lot established freight carriers and compare their prices.

How will air cargo consolidation help in saving money?

There are many ways through which air cargo consolidation will save you money. Check below!

  • The fees will be lower at the receiving end: Many businesses out there that try to save money by sending their goods through LCL or less-than contain loads through ocean freights. This particular service’s initial quote is said to be pretty lower than the other quotes for shipping through the compressed air freights. But remember, the fees on the receiving for both ocean and air freight is pretty different. It’s because the air freight will charge you around $20, but ocean freight comes with extra charges.

Advantages of air cargo consolidation

Given below are some of the crucial advantages or benefits of air cargo consolidation. Check it out!

  • The efficiency: Consolidated shipping makes sense to both airlines and shippers. It’s because it’s much better to fly a plane with a full cargo rather than a flying aircraft with one cargo load.
  • Fast: When you opt for the air cargo consolidation to ship your cargo, it will be done pretty quickly compared with ocean freight services. No matter how urgent or essential your goods are, choosing the air freight consolidation will promptly transport your goods to its respective location.

Reasons to choose global shipping services for air cargo consolidation.

If you browse through LCLXchange site, you will come across quotes from only those freight carriers that are well-established in the business and have a good credibility in the market. You will receive competitive air cargo rates and charges for your air cargo consolidation requirements. The carrier will provide their full assistance and support and will make sure that your cargo reaches its destination at a given timeframe.

All companies that tie up with LCLExchange offer advanced tech solutions as a part of customer servicing. Hence, you will receive a real-time tracking option to see where exactly your shipment and how much time it will take for it to reach its destination. They are the best freight forwarding providers in the industry and will deliver you with competitive rates along with several flexible shipping options as per your distinct needs.

Final words!

If you are interested in opting for air cargo consolidation services, you can begin with LCLXchange. Save time by quickly procuring quotes from multiple air freight carriers. This will help you compare quotes easily and pick the right carrier for your specific need.


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