26 Apr 2020

LTL Freight Tracking: Terms To Understand And Benefits To Business


Less Than Truckload (LTL) freight tracking allows manufacturers and customers to track their precious cargo as it travels to its destination. LTL tracking will enable you to stay connected with your shipment during its entire journey. Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances like bad weather or accidents can cause delays in the punctual delivery of cargo. No matter how much one prepares, it is very much possible that plans can get derailed at the last minute. LTL freight tracking enables you to see where your cargo is and allows you to adjust your expectations accordingly. LTL freight shipping rates are very competitive, and you will find that it results in economical and reliable transportation of goods from point A to point B.

Terms To Understand

There are many ways you can track your shipment while it is on its way to its destination. There is a lot of varying terminology in this case, and it would be a good idea to review the important terms. 

1. BOL Number: The Bill of Lading (BOL) Number is one of the most efficient ways using which you can track your shipment. The BOL is also a crucial component of the LTL freight shipping process as a whole. It serves as a receipt of goods between a freight carrier and shipper and also provides the logistics provider with valuable information.


2. Transportation Management System: Transportation Management System (TMS) Software is essential in this day and age. TMS software stores necessary information and allows you to track your shipments efficiently. It simplifies the supply chain process by enabling shippers to choose the perfect carriers and by making efficient routing decisions. After you get an LTL freight quote, you can pick the service provider who is most suited to your needs. 


3. Pro Number: The Pro Number is assigned to the shipment by the carrier and can be used to trace items while they are in transit.


4. PO Number: The PO Number is assigned by the purchaser and is a crucial reference number that ties together all the information regarding a specific purchase. It reflects vital information such as payment details, communications etc.

Benefits to Business

Transparency is critical in the logistics and shipping business. Customers all over the world prefer to do business with a service provider who can provide reasonable rates and transparency. After you receive your freight shipping quote, LTL tracking allows you to track your valuable cargo while it is in transit and maintain constant communication with the carriers. 

LTL freight tracking is a beneficial tool and can do wonders for your business.


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