04 Feb 2020

How Offering Free Shipping Can Increase Your Profits?

Free Shipping Can Increase Your Profits

Offering free shipping services to clients is a great way to expand your reach and reputation when you need cargo and consignments to be moved from source to destination. Here are some ways in which reduced shipping costs can help you out.

1. Cost-effective, Time-saving


Free shipping might seem like a decision that can lead to a massive loss for the brand. Your brand has to bear the cost of dispatching the product and ensuring that it reaches the right user. However, there are ways to make up for the expenses. Orders from any e-commerce venture are usually dispatched via road, rail, air, or water. These necessary transport facilities have some regulations that you need to follow. For local shipping and international transactions, you have taxes and applicable extra charges.

By offering free shipment, you can dispatch vast volumes of products at very subsidized rates. It even saves you on time to individually send out these items to the desired locations,

2. Improves reputation 


Everyone loves freebies and discounts. With eCommerce ventures, this technique becomes even more useful. Offer your clients the provision of free shipping once their order value reaches a certain amount. That would mean that the potential customer would be tempted to purchase extra items to cut down on the shipment charges.

This process would help you clear your stocks better. You can now sell out more products, place new orders, and widen your performance. Also, by offering these deductions, you build a reputation as being customer friendly.

3. Enhanced efficiency 


The air freight shipping services are particularly fast and flexible. And brands often prefer this mode of dispatching because it is the easiest, quickest, and cheapest of all. Air travel saves time. It also ensures better safety of the product. There is a lesser chance of there being any breakage or damage to the order. Also, it is easier to get the paperwork done when you are shipping orders via airplanes.


Profit margins may not be affected 


By offering the lowest freight rates, you automatically get an edge over your peers. The cost of your orders lowers, and the customers gravitate towards your brand. After all, who would want to pay more for the same kind of services when you can get it much cheaper right?

Also, free shipping doesn’t affect your profit margins at all. You eventually end up increasing your earnings, generating more leads, and diverting more traffic to your web store.


Final thoughts about free shipping

By offering free shipping, you offer your customers a win-win.

May I know the reason to remove these lines? I think we should keep it.

The customer saves on the money, and you get added goodwill!


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