04 Mar 2020

How easy is it to switch a Freight Forwarder?

freight forwarder

Freight forwarders are companies that handle everything that is related to shipping goods and plays the role of intermediaries between a transport company and a firm. Freight forwarders have the power to provide crucial advice to all the companies on issues embedded within the freight movements across the international borders. However, through a research survey, it has come to light that about 65% of the individuals are unhappy with their freight forwarders. If you wish to switch your current Freight Forwarder, then you are doing the right thing, and it is not that difficult to do so.

How to easily switch your freight forwarder?

Many of you think that switching to another freight forwarder will be a lot of hassle, but that is not true. Once you understand all your internal requirements, the switching process will become easier. Given below are some of the steps to get the best freight forwarder. They are:

1. Do your homework: 

When you research potential freight forwarders, it can make it easier to switch. Online platforms are well-known for being a powerful tool that will tell you every bit of information on a particular company. Browsing through all the reviews, websites, articles, and blogs will help you receive proper information on what the companies in the market are putting their focus on.

Any forwarder may come up to you and say all the right things and make promises to provide the best service. But how will you know what they say is true? Researching on the forwarders will prevent you from having a bad experience in the process. Take advantage of what the internet has to offer and look up to the things you want in a freight forwarder before you make the final call.

2. State your expectations:

According to research, unmet expectations fall under the category of four major frustrations, which businesses experience from forwarders  as listed below

  • Unmet Expectations for Shipment Delivery
  • Transactional Surprises Causing Unneeded Tension and Cost
  • Difficulty and Lack of Process for Filing Shipment Insurance Claims
  • Frustrations Over Options and Accessibility of International Shipping Rates.

At certain times, they don’t meet with the minimum expectations, which leaves you frustrated. Now, the time has come when you decide everything before you switch to a new forwarder, and clearly state all your expectations. By taking your current forwarders Compare Package Shipping Rates, the shortcomings and planning new expectations will guide you towards the reliable forwarders. It is essential to state your expectations, but it is also essential to understand the forwarder’s expectations as well.

3. Switch your forwarders slowly: 

Once you have compared all the forwarders along with their Freight Shipping Services & Rates, it’s time for you to switch to a brand-new freight forwarder. However, do not celebrate too soon; you need to make sure that your company does not end up in the same situation as before. Take baby steps, allow the new forwarder to carry out few shipments, and see how well they perform. Even though the method is pretty slow, but it will be worth it. Not only will you have developed a safety net, it will give you some time to work issues and facilitate good communication.

Choose the right freight forwarders for your shipments.

The switching process is not something to be afraid of, but just like all industries, the switching method also has its risks. When you understand the risks and know your expectations, it will be easier for you to get a new forwarder in the process.



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