22 Nov 2019

Freight Rate Request Portal with an Instant Cost Estimate

Freight Rate Calculator

One of the most important changes that the logistics industry is going through is the introduction of the Air Freight Quote International Shipping and freight rate request portal. Now, there is almost no need to emailing or calling ocean freight shipping service providers. Additionally, air freight shipping has become quite popular today, and so is the need for an accurate freight rate calculator. This instant freight rate estimate capability can benefit both shippers and carriers alike.

One of the leading freight rate request tools is provided by the LCLXchange.com. This portal is very simple to use and you will be able to estimate the exact rate of your exports or imports quickly and supported by the industries best freight forwarders.

Shippers can use sites like the LCLXchange to create an invoice indicating the prices of the various freight services for their client, reducing the possibility of over-charging or under-charging a client. Moreover, potential clients or directs can themselves use the freight rate tool to obtain their own rates, comparing and contrasting different options.

Instant Ocean Freight Rates

Result of using a freight rate portal


1. Most of the results will be based on the criteria and requirements of the commodity or cargo details entered. The results will provide you with an option to choose from a given list of cargos from trusted freight forwarders ready for your business. The results will also display the expected time of transit helping you to understand when your cargo will arrive.

2. Now, you also get to choose the service that is the best one for you. After the initial rate request and selected forwarder, the forwarder will provide you with the actual addresses of both the cargo delivery point and the pickup location. These details of your shipment are important so that a booking can be generated that is useful during the transportation of the goods.

3. The shipping experts present in the staff of a shipping industry can also help you and get all your queries or concerns answered.

Advantages of air freight shipping


The air freight shipment is usually used in the transportation of goods in a short time or to meet urgency on the receivers end. You can meet both international and domestic freight using air freight services. Yet, it is important to remember that the cost or rate included in the air freight shipment is typically higher compared to the ocean freight.

In order for an air forwarder to provide global connections for your business, it is necessary for you to reach out to for your urgent cargo. These air forwarders have a facility ready to assist you in your need to ship cargo worldwide within a few hours. With Air Freight Quote International Shipping is considered to be one of the fastest and reliable ways of shipping goods. It has the following benefits-

1. Urgency – The time needed for the shipping of certain goods is much lesser compared to the other types of shipping amenities.

2. Fewer risks involved – If you decide to ship the goods via air freight services, there is a lower risk of damage or theft is involved.

3. It can be tracked easily – The tracking of the shipment can be done easily in each step of the entire process. You will get detailed information during transport of your cargo.

4. It can traverse a huge distance- This mode of shipment is capable of covering even huge distances within a much shorter time compared to the other freight modes.

5. Cheaper and less packaging is involved – The products or goods that need to be transported from one place to another via air freight shipping services may not require complex or hard packaging. Thus, the packaging cost is may be cheaper.

As far as the Freight Shipping Quote portal is concerned, it can be utilized in so many different ways besides calculating freight rates. It is useful in calculating the amount of time needed for delivering the item.


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