08 Dec 2019

Factors Affecting Your Freight Shipping Rates

Freight Shipping Rates

When searching for cost-effective shipping rates, it may be difficult to obtain accurate and timely information. This situation can be avoided if you know the factors affecting your shipment rates as it will help you to avoid any losses. And knowing these crucial factors will help you make good decisions in your business. So you must know about the freight shipping services and rates, instant ocean freight charges, air cargo rates, etc. Knowing about the factors that can impact your rates can reduce the cause of unneeded increased costs and stress.

Several factors that affect your freight shipping rates are as follows:


1. Shipment weight: Your shipment is a major factor affecting your freight shipping rates and you must know minuscule details about it so that you don’t have to pay extra for your shipment. But there is a difference between the normal shipping rates and freight shipping rates, as the rates of former are higher and lower in the latter case. So, you should be very careful while sending your shipment and know all the details about it. It will help you save money.

2. Shipment density: Your shipment density is also crucial in determining your freight shipment rates and you must understand how it affects your shipment. And to know this, you need to understand how to calculate your shipment density and for that you need to divide the total weight with per cubic feet. This calculation will help you to understand if your shipment freight charges would be higher or lower. So, you must be very accurate with your classification because that will you decide your freight class which in turn decide your shipping rates.

3. Distance between your place of shipping and delivery of shipment: Distance place a major role in deciding your shipment rates. It is easy very logical to say that if your distance is larger then your shipping rates will be higher and there is no doubt in that. Distance help you know how much you have to pay for your shipment. When the distance is not much between your place of shipping and the place of delivery, then your shipping cost will be low and you don’t have to pay extra money on shipping rates.

4. How you transit your shipment will also play a major role in determining your shipment charges and will have a major effect on your shipment rates. You must decide the standard and the most convenient mode of transit while sending your shipment if you don’t want to pay extra. Your urgency of sending the shipment will decide your shipping rates and if you want your shipment to reach to your client at the earliest, then you will pay the higher shipping cost for that to get it delivered to your client as soon as possible.

5. Price of the fuel: Price of the fuel will be a major factor in determining your shipping rates. If the prices of the fuel are on the rise, then it will surely affect your cost of the shipment. But if you don’t want to pay the extra cost on shipment, you can pass it on the consumer and in that way you can lower down your shipment costs. So, in case if the fuel prices are rising, you don’t have to do much apart from adjusting the price with the consumer.

Instant Ocean Freight Rates

You must know all the crucial factors that are going to affect your shipping rates as it will help you save your money and you will be able to make good decisions. Many a time, when you are not aware of the factors affecting your shipment cost and rates, you have to bear the extra costs. But when you know a major part of it, then you can make adjustments of profits and losses accordingly. You must know about the freight shipping services and rate, instant ocean freight charges, air cargo rates, etc. So, know about the factors to make decisions and to avoid losses. Knowing the factors will help you make extra profits and will your business progress.

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