07 Nov 2019

5 Strategies to Get the Best Sea Freight Quote and Carrier

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Getting your product delivered to the client’s doorstep is easy when he is located in the same state or country. But what if the delivery needs to be done across a different country or continent? You need to look for freight shipping rates online and choose the most convenient and affordable option. This is a viable avenue to reach out to far-flung or diverse geographies as a part of your business expansion goals.

But suppose you are a freight forwarder and you are required to provide your client with some complex quotes covering completely different locations. How do you manage it? Many things need to be considered for calculating the freight quote. These include places of both receipt and delivery, etc.

At times, the location of final delivery covers spans across different countries for which you will need permits and clearances. Hence, you need to figure out the best strategy to get the best sea freight quote and carrier.

Here are 5 strategies that you can come to your rescue when exploring for quotes for sea freight and carriers.


  • A customer wants to get the items delivered to the destination in the best condition possible. No customer wants to compromise with the quality and condition of the shipment. He would readily pay a higher price than risk the delivery of items. But you can always look for shortest or quickest routes that will enable the customer to get his items delivered at much lesser price. Longer routes not only take up a substantial amount of time but also put the burden on a customer’s pocket.

  • As mentioned above, when you have to get the shipment delivered from one place to another, you will need permits and clearances. At times, these are not covered in the prices quoted to the customer. To avoid such a situation, you need to ensure that the freight rates provided by your carrier are inclusive of all the charges. The freight rates should cover every area, every port. At times many clients have their own choice of the carrier that they use frequently. Nevertheless, it never harms to get in touch with a few carriers in your area. It will give you a confirmation that you are being provided with the best rate possible by your carrier which the clients won’t be able to refuse.

  • It is mandatory to avoid mean tricks to earn profit from your clients. Many people resort to horse-trading to earn a few extra pennies which only harms their business in the end. If you venture into horse-trading, you will have to face dire consequences. Your cargo may get displaced, shipping lines may be run out of business etc.

  • When you ask your carrier to provide you with the rates, let them know that you are in for a long haul. Tell them about your services and the route you plan for the shipment. This will enable them to disclose you all the applicable charges at that instant itself. In this manner, you can avoid any surprises that may spring up later on.

  • You should always to strive to get the best rate from your carrier in every possible manner. Because there is a lot of competition in the market, you can offer an incentive to your carrier in exchange of better rates. You can sign up a contract with him for a specific time. This contract should enable him to deliver a definite volume over the given time.

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It pays to be alert


Apart from the aforementioned 5 strategies, several others can be adopted by you to get the best sea freight quote and carrier. Many companies provide freight shipping rates online. If you are looking for one, contact LCLXchange. They have been in the field for many years by easing off a load of their clients by providing instant freight quotes online.

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