27 Oct 2020

3 Smart Ways to Obtain the Best Rates from Your Freight Forwarder

freight forwarder

A freight forwarder can make the process of import and export seamless for all the companies. Because of their specialized services, they can provide stress-free and efficient communications for the shipment of goods. They carry plenty of knowledge in the supply chain area, meet all the deadlines, and build an organized system for the delivery of the goods. You will come across many reputed and well-known international freight forwarder companies currently available in the market. They are well-aware of the fact that every customer has different needs, price points, and processes. For such reasons, they provide service according to the requirements of their customers.

Ways to receive the best rates from a freight forwarder

If you are interested in obtaining the best freight forwarder quote from a professional and trusted freight forwarder, then there are several ways you can do so.

1. Make sure to plan your shipments: A freight forwarder’s biggest pet peeve is the last-minute requests, especially the international ones. They have the power to handle them and are happy to do so, but you might need to be expectant when you pay for this particular service. Under this freight forwarder service, all international ships are planned for multiple weeks in advance. When you try to book shipping at the last minute, your freight forwarder must pull some strings to get your cargo moving.

2. Price vs. Time-transit: If you want your shipment or shipments to move faster, you have to pay a higher price. Booking next-day shipping will cost you more than the transport conducted through intermodal and ocean methods. Make sure to have a proper discussion with your freight forwarder and take all the suggestions that provide you. By doing so, it will help you get the right option to accommodate your budget. The freight forward will switch your truck and air intermodal, which will save a significant amount of your cash without lessening the service’s quality.

3. Types of containers: Numerous companies book over 15 CBM (Cubic Meter) on an LCL (Less-Than Container Load) container without even realizing that, will cost them a lot more than renting it. Have a word with your freight forwarder and get to know about the various consolidation processes, and see that you can reap the cost of FCL shipping. It might need a rearranging of the schedule if you ship through the infrequent basic, but it’s probably an excellent way to obtain reasonable rates from your freight forwarder.

Get excellent rates from your freight forwarder.

You want the best rates from your freight forwarder, then the best way to get them is by utilizing the networking and USP of LCLXchange. They have tie-ups with various freight forwarders. Hence, you get multiple quotes based on which you can pick one for your transportation needs.


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