27 Oct 2020

3 Crucial Factors for Considering Air Freight vs. Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight

There are plenty of choices that you have to make in both business and in life. Similarly, when you come across international shipping, you will receive numerous options as well, thanks to resources like LCLXchange that help you compare shipping rates from various operators.

Among all these choices, you need to decide the type of transport you wish to use: ocean freight and air freight. Whether you run a business that conducts overseas shipping regularly or an individual shifting to a different nation, you have to make the right decision, whether you want international ocean freight shipping or air freight shipping. This is an important decision that you need to make before you opt for the shipping services.

Ocean freight vs. Air freight: Factors to consider!

Given below are some of the critical factors that you consider for ocean freight and air freight.

  1. The cost:

Many business owners say that shipping by the ocean will cost lower than shipping through the air. If you want to make the correct decision, it will be better to educate yourself first by learning how exactly the carriers charge for international shipping. The airlines will bill you through the chargeable weight, which is calculated by mixing both the shipment’s size and weight.

On the other end, the international ocean freight rates are per container rates for shipping in standard containers. But if you are shipping less than the container load, then charges will be calculated in a cubic meter. Although the shipping ocean freight rates are much less than air freight shipping, the seaports’ warehousing fees are costly compared with airports.

  1. The environmental impact:

Everything is not just about convenience and the bottom line. Since the social perception of environmental quandaries can affect how the public looks up to an organization and its bottom line, you must take charge to defend the environment. But in this category, the ocean freight wins. It’s because the CO2 emission is said to be much higher in air transport than the ocean ones.

It helps in the cargo shipping through the air to deliver a massive carbon footprint than the cargo shipping conducted through the sea. But ocean freight is not all that good, because the chances of oil spill into will affect the water ecosystems through ocean freight, for which many consider air freight shipping as the best option.

  1. Speed:

When the debate is about speed, then air freight will win the competition. As time is money, then the factor will much more than make-up for a much higher cost of flying cargo. The majority of the sea shipments take about a month to arrive at its destination. But when you compare it with air shipments, it will take 2 to 3 days to come, and many businesses prefer faster shipping.

But as the technology keeps advancing, it’s also transforming the international shipping realm. Ships are getting much quicker than before, and canals have made short shipping routes. These days, many ocean freight shipments are getting delivered within 8-days.


Whether you want ocean freight shipment services or air freight one, it will be up to you to decide. Make sure you conduct your proper research on both the shipment services before you make the final call. You can obtain the services of LCLXchange to get competitive rates from multiple freight forwarders. You get the facility to compare these from a single window and choose one for your ocean or air shipping needs.


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