24 Nov 2019

What Is International Freight Shipping?

International Freight Shipping

Domestic Freight Shipping is a process of transporting different commodities like goods, medicines, apparel, etc and cargo to different parts of a country by air, land, or sea. Whereas, international freight shipping is the transportation of goods across international borders from one country to another country.

That means the imported scarf you are wearing or your favorite French perfume or even medicines have reached you because of the international freight shipping. Retail and manufacturing sectors and e-commerce sectors rely heavily on international and national freight shipping for sourcing and outsourcing their materials.

In this article, you will learn about the many facets of international freight shipping.

Freight shipping may seem quite uncommon to you, but it is one of the most common methods of moving goods between locations. This transportation method is one of the most reliable methods for getting your required goods or transporting your goods on time with proper safety measures. Many companies in the world deal in freight shipping and offer Ocean freight shipping quotes for different commodities to their clients and potential clients, every day.

Different modes of international freight shipping 


Freight shipping is versatile and customizable. Small trucks to large cargo ships, every type of transportation option are used by freight shipping companies to deliver their cargoes.  Here are some commonly used modes of freight shipping

Full truckload: This type of shipping involves bulk shipments or pallet loads that use a semi-trailer to transport. Usually, shipping loads more than 15,000 pounds are used in this case. Often these types of freight shipping are cost-effective for bulk commodities.

Less than Truckload or LTL: Usually shipments that are between 150-15,000 pounds in weight are transported via this mode.  These shipments typically take more than half of the storage of a truckload trailer but not the entire trailer load.

Intermodal: A combination of different methods, mainly cargo trains, and trucks are used to transport commodities. Often consisting of flight or cargo ships with railroads or truckloads are also used in combination to ensure timely delivery.

Expedited: Time-critical shipments are called expedited. This freight is usually transported by air and urgent due to the nature of the cargo, typically due to short shelf life.



There are many benefits to freight shipping.

Companies that offer freight shipping nationally and internationally know how to handle each product and give each shipment a professional touch to ensure the safety of the cargo.

Another advantage of freight shipping is that it provides a wider variety of transportation methods. You can choose truckload, air carriers or even cargo ships as the transportation option. There are specified companies which offer air freight on reasonable price nationally and internationally and offer Air freight Quote international Shipping for almost all types of goods and cargo.

With freight shipping, you do not need to worry about the delivery time. Freight shipping means you get on-time delivery no matter what. Shipping companies work tirelessly to ensure every customer gets their delivery at the right time.

Freight shipping also means lesser transportation costs. It is reasonable and freight companies offer affordable rates to their clients.

It is important to note that rates may vary between the cargo that is transported via air and one which is transported by a trailer on road.

There are many reasons and factors which determine the freight cost,

The transportation mode often determines the freight cost. By air freights are costlier and require additional charges. While truckloads are most affordable and can be split between two clients to ensure a reasonable charge. Also, if there is a combination of the different transportation modes, each mode requiring additional costs.

A few of the details that help identify the estimated cost are

  • Origin and destinations are other factors. The longer the distance between the origin and the destination, the higher the cost described in freight trucking quote. That means international freight shipments are costlier than domestic and local freight shipments.
  • Fragile shipments need special care and must be transported in a certain atmosphere and can cost more.
  • The size and weight of goods is a determining point. Bigger and heavier shipments require higher charges.

So now you know a little about freight shipping. So, next time you buy anything or import anything for yourself, do not forget to thank the freight shipping operators of the world who made it available for you.


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