04 Sep 2019

5 Tips for Managing Truckload Shipping Rates In 2019

Truckload Shipping Rates

Shipping has become an important aspect of the order fulfillment process. It can create or mar the impression on the client. Therefore, the business needs to get equipped with the best shipment services to make sure that the customers are satisfied and happy. When we talk about shipping a lot of technicalities come into consideration including the freight truck shipping rates.  Here, we have mentioned the steps that you need to take into account to manage truckload shipping rates.

1. Weigh Different Options

It is important to compare international shipping rates for the goods that you wish to deliver. Also factor in distance, the weight of the goods and the destination country, etc.  Don’t depend upon the customer testimonials mentioned in the website because these companies highlight only the positive feedback on the platform. Search for the genuine customer feedback available on the internet to avoid any negative outcome.

Search for the different players offering freight shipping services and rates, compare them and handpick them based on the desired features.

2. Search about Price Fluctuation

Ask freight quoting rate from the different players. It will help you to understand and anticipate the rate. Ultimately, the supply and demand for the trucks will impact the shipping rate. For example, if the trucks are limited in supply or there is a shortage of drivers or economic recession, the price would automatically go up. Understanding these factors and how it will impact the industry will help to manage the price fluctuations.

3. Timely Delivery

With the recent spike in e-commerce, the shipping industry has changed drastically. The customers want spontaneous services and are searching for one day or two-day feature. Even they are ready to pay a premium price for it.  Hence, as a businessman, you must find a carrier who is able to provide you with such features so that you are not able to lose customers. This service may demand extra price and hence it will impact the freight truck shipping rates. So, if time is important to you, the shipper may charge you with an extra price.

4. Track Record of Shipping Carrier

Another factor that freight shipping services and the rate is the track record of the carrier. It provides you clear visibility of the shipper performance and cases in which he has over-charged the customer. Hence, it is important to assess the reputation of the carrier by doing in-depth market research about the same.  Check whether the shipping carrier is also providing you with after-sales services within a predetermined rate or is offering extra for value-added services.

It will give you a clear picture of the shipper and its price structure.

5. Consistent Shipping Schedule

As the maxim goes “a stitch in time saves nine”, so as a businessman you should try to maintain a consistent shipping schedule. You should plan the schedule in advance to avoid extra charges.

Another way to preserve yourself from sudden rate hikes is to lock the rates when you enter a shipping contract with the provider. You can use it as a tool to protect against the sudden rate fluctuation. The provider will set an expected rate for shipping depending upon the volume of your business and the relationship that you have with the provider. This way you can budget yourself.


The entire supply chain benefits from correct and timely shipping processes. Shipping and logistics can become a nightmare if you are not able to anticipate the shipping rate. This will further increase the chances of errors, omissions, and loss of customer attention. And precisely the anticipating freight truck shipping rate can make a huge difference. Moreover, it will enable you to concentrate on your prime business. Make sure to compare truckload shipping rates from different providers to get total cost-efficiency along with route optimization to enable faster delivery of your cargo.

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