23 Feb 2020

LTL And FTL Shipping: What’s The Difference?

ltl vs ftl

The term “freight” means goods, which get transported in bulk to another location. Under the category of Freight Shipping, two options are there for shipping, namely LTL and FTL shipping. Each of them has different ways to provide shipping services, and both of the options are highly beneficial for you.

FTL vs. LTL: The difference 

If you are new in the shipping and logistics industry, you might not know what exactly does LTL and FTL means. The information provided below will help you understand both the FTL and LTL shipping options.

LTL (Less-than-truckload)

The less than truckload freight shipping; commonly known as LTL, is a type of shipment, which will not take up the whole truck. This type of shipment typically weighs between 100 to 1000 pounds. As partial truckloads do not fill in the entire truck trailer, it can leave a good deal of unused space and a lot of expensive miles. In an effort to help both the truck companies and shippers, carriers try to bundle many smaller shipments together going to the same destination, in an effort to reduce the overall cost of the shipment.

Benefits of LTL shipping

There are several benefits available when you wish to Get LTL Freight Quotes as your ultimate shipping option. The benefits are:

Reduces the environmental impact: The process of bundling with the LTL shipments will help in lowering the impact transportation has on the environment. This is because, when a few trucks are required for transporting the same number of deliveries, less fuel is used in the process.

Lessens the cost on smaller shipments: Traditionally, the lowest freight rates are reserved for shippers who can provide enough freight to fill an entire semi-truck trailer. This allows them to qualify for the full truck rates. With the help of LTL shipping, companies that cannot load the whole truck are given a chance to minimize the cost by merging their freight with another company’s freight in order to lower the overall freight shipping cost.

FTL (Full-truckload)

Unlike the LTL, FTL is enough to fill in a semi-truck trailer. FTL freight shipments stay contracted to one carrier, which means there is no need to make extra stops during the time of transportation. It will reduce the number of loads, unloads and damages along the way. It is considered to be an economical choice, as there will be enough freight that will qualify for a full-truckload.

Benefits of FTL shipping

Given below are some of the essential benefits of FTL shipping:

Helps in saving money on big shipments: When there is a good deal of freight to fill in a semi-truck trailer, then the FTL shipments stand out as the most efficient mode. That is because it not that expensive to ship an FTL shipment when compared with the LTL shipments.

Ships out the products faster: When shipping out and FTL shipment, the only thing matters in the truck’s route is the final destination and the origin of the shipment. FTL shipments will ensure that the freight is arriving from point A to point B.

Finals words to share on LTL and FTL shipping

Both the LTL and FTL shipping options are beneficial for you and will depend entirely on the type of shipment you wish to parcel. By selecting the best option depending on your needs, you can find efficiencies in both cost and time for your freight reaching its final destination.


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