07 Oct 2019

International Air Freight & Air Shipping Explained: Air Freight Charges, Rates, and Costs

International Air Freight

The logistics industry has undergone a tremendous change. Earlier the business used to rely on ocean freight transportation services but nowadays air freight services have become popular. But what are the reasons for switching to air freight.

Benefits of air freight services


 1. When you need the fast movement of the goods

If you want your goods to be moved quickly, air-freight is the best solution as compared to ocean freight or road freight.

 2. Reliable

The air freight shipping method is more reliable and professional as compared to other kinds of service provider. Even a missing flight won’t cause you much delay as there are flights departing after every hour.

 3. You can send your cargo anywhere

The airlines have a larger network that covers different geographic locations. This means you can send your shipment to nearly every destination.

 4. Low insurance premium

The transportation time for air cargo is very less, so the insurance premium is low.  Though you may get cheap ocean freight quotes, but air transport can also bring about savings in terms of insurance costs.

 5. High level of security and reduced risk of damage and theft

Shipping by air offers various benefits including advanced level of security.  The cargo will be tightly managed by the staff and this will further reduce the exposure to theft and damage.

 6. No need for warehousing

Another reason why air freight shipping offers maximum benefits is because there is no need for local warehousing. The freight agent doesn’t need to store the items. The cargo will undergo a custom clearance process, cargo inspection process and it will be cleared within a matter of hours.

 7. Less packaging

The air shipment requires less heavy packing as compared to ocean shipments. This means you save both on time and money.

 8. You can follow the status of cargo

There are many air shipment service providers that gives you the opportunity to track the goods using the web application process, which means you can monitor the dispatch of your cargo and keep yourself constantly updated about the same.

But you should not use this method of shipping if:


1. Cost matters a lot

If you are a startup company or you have a shoestring budget then taking Air Freight Quote International Shipping, would make a hole in your pocket. Air-freight shipping comes with a hefty price tag.

2. If you are environment conscious

The airplane causes far more emissions as compared to the ocean.

3. Heavy shipments

If your business involves shipping of chairs or furniture items, then air freight is not a good option. Air shipments charge you on basis of weight and size. So, it could prove to be a costly affair.

What goods should be shipped through air freight?

Now that we know, air-freight is an expensive option, so it is better to ship limited and high-value items including electronics, pharmaceuticals, apparels, documents, seasonal shipments, etc.

Air Cargo freight rates


The instant freight quotes online may contain freight rates or charges from the airport to the airport of discharge.

  • Air freight rate
  • Fuel charges
  • Insurance charges
  • War risk charges
  • Air way bill charges
  • Dangerous goods charges
  • Express rate charges

There are certain variable expenses that they make take afterwards:

  • Loading of goods from the factory
  • Delivery of goods to the consignee
  • Terminal handling charges in both origin and destination airport
  • Storage charges
  • Demurrage charges
  • Custom clearance both in the country of origin and destination
  • Duties and taxes that they may have to pay
  • Marine insurance charges

How they calculate the weight of the shipment?


1. Gross weight

The weight is declared by the consignee and is verified by the airline agent.

2. Volume weight

The weight is calculated as per the dimension of the package.

3. Chargeable weight

As per the new rules formulated by IATA, the higher weight will be considered as chargeable weight. Sometimes, it can be gross weight and other times it can be volume weight if it is higher than the gross weight.


In the end, we would like to conclude that as the businesses are growing rapidly, so air-shipment is the best method to keep up its pace.

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