03 Dec 2019

How to Get a Quote on Your LTL Freight Shipment

LTL freight shipment

Freight shipping means the transportation of a larger number of commodities, goods and cargo by air, or road or water to different destinations – nationally and internationally.  This is how products reach every part of the world possible. The roads are one of the most common and versatile ways for trucking freight. It is used by both international and national freight shipping companies as a means to transport goods inland.

For example, groceries and vegetables are often transported from one place to another via semi-trackor trailers and trucks. Products from all over the world reach your favorite retail or grocery store either directly from the local market through trucking or through ocean or air and then transported that last mile via trucks.

Cargo that fills less than a semi-truck trailer is typically shipped via a less than truck load or LTL. Typically the total volume or weight of the shipment is not enough to use the full storage of a semi-trailer or truck. Usually, shipments weighing between 150 pounds to 15,000 pounds are classified as LTL. Through the use of an LTL shipment, different shipments are loaded in a truck so that two different companies can share one LTL shipment.

A LTL Freight trucking quote usually depends on the distance or dimension of the cargo. But it is one of the most cost-effective ways because it allows different shippers to share and split the shipping charges between them.

LTL or less than load truck method often involves multiple pit-stops and multiple trucks. It means the shipments are often handled by logistics and delivery personnel multiple times to transfer from one truck to another. Due to this, the goods should be loaded on to pallets or crates to minimize the damage and accidents. Freights that are taller than 13’6″ and are wider than 8’6 are typically not suitable for truck loading. Pallets are usually sized 48”x40” or 42”x42” or 48’x48”, depending on the cargo sizes. These pallets usually are built with plastic, metal stringers or the common wood pallet. Contact your shipper if you need pallets, they are ready to assist.

Now, how do you get a get LTL freight quote. There are many trucking companies which offer LTL to companies around the globe. The method of getting quotes remains more or less the same. You can contact any freight shipping company to get quotes about your shipping needs or visit, the LCLXchange.com to get a quick quote from their list of trusted trucking providers.

Here are some pointers that you should know before you request a quote


1. Any freight shipment company will need to know about your pick up point and destination. So, always mention these two important places correctly.

2. Addresses are important. If it is going to a customer or company, then make sure to write their name and proper address. The address must be written correctly. It will be better if you avoid any short forms and write as clearly as possible. Besides that, mention the zip code or pin code properly and the contact number for reference. Logistics workers will be delivering your product. The correct address will make their work easier and the shipment will be sent faster.

3. Try to state shipment type clearly. Such as local, national or international. For, international freight that goes entirely by road, special packaging instructions and other documents may be required. Your selected shipping company can help with these details.

4. Make sure to mention if the shipment is going to a residential area, or a business complex so that shipment workers can deliver them properly.

5. If the product needs special attention, then always mention it. For example, fragile products (made of glass, fragile material or earthen materials and other delicate products like apparels etc) need special attention and careful handling so that these products do not get damaged during the transportation or delivery. It ensures the products reach their destination safely.

6. You need to calculate the exact weight of your total shipment. For, LTL, the weight is important. It allows the transporter to determine how to transport it in one go. Make sure you calculate the package weight after adding the pallet weight. Always make sure to enter the precise weight to get the correct quote.

7. If you are offered insurance, pay for it, especially if the cargo is of high value. There are times where damage occurs, items may be stolen or an act of god will render the cargo useless. Typically this insurance is pennies on the dollar. It is well worth the piece of mind to know your cargo is protected.

8. Always try to deal with the reputed companies who deal in freight shipping. These companies have a strong client base and also have expert workers who know how to do the job. Besides that, they know the rules and regulations and operate legally.


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