09 Jul 2020

How freight consolidation saves your money and time?

How freight consolidation saves your money and time

It’s a challenge for many businesses to move freight efficiently while saving money on transport. Especially during the current state of COVID-19 pandemic, you might struggle to manage the supply chain. The pandemic has disrupted the supply chains of over 75% of businesses. International travel has come to a halt. Even though freight shipping is going on, it has become very restricted.

You might not know, but the passenger planes used to carry over 60% of air cargo. Since air travel has stopped due to COVID-19, you might find it challenging to send/receive your shipment across. In such times, you can depend on a professional company like LCLXchange, which is keeping the transport business afloat with alternative modes. You can obtain the best international air freight rates Further, freight consolidation can help you save money and time. Below you can find more information. 

What is freight consolidation?    

Freight consolidation enables any company to send their goods in a fast, convenient, and affordable way. If the amount of freight is too small to fill the entire container, it doesn’t make sense to pay for the full container capacity while using less space.

So, freight consolidation is where multiple small shipments get combined to fill the container and then transport it. Further, you can get an affordable international air freight quote and transport costs. 

How freight consolidation saves your money?

If you are using less than full truckload or container capacity, freight consolidation can save your money. When your freight gets combined with other shipper’s goods, you also share the shipping costs with them. So you don’t need to pay for the space in the container that you’re not using.

Typically, when you’re not shipping enough freight to fill the container, you have to pay the full price. But, now you only have to pay for the space that your freight consumes. So, by teaming up with other companies, optimizing the space in the container can reduce the shipping costs. Further, you can get bulk rates by filling the entire container yourself with different shipments of your own.    

How freight consolidation saves your time?

Freight consolidation provides you with a faster transit period. It also lowers the waiting time when you want to transport small freights. You can store your freight at a consolidation facility. So whenever the shipment is ready-to-move, there’s no time wasted. It leads to a better timeline and flexible inventory, which can keep your customers happy. If you resort to other shipping options, then changes in the order can lead to a mess. But, with freight consolidation, you can ship your products to customers on a small turnaround.  

In a nutshell

Freight consolidation allows you to use less than full container space. Your freight gets combined with goods from other shippers, and you have to pay a far less amount. Such consolidation gives you affordable international air freight shipping rates as well as faster transit.


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