20 Oct 2019

Best Ways to Approach Air Freight Shipping

Air Freight Shipping2

To connect to the world with your business, your business needs to reach them. This means that you need to be agile, speedy, and have the facility to connect to any part of the world within a matter of hours. What better and faster way to connect than air freight shipping services? With options of consolidated or expedited air freight shipping services, businesses reach out to a global customer base at cost-effective price points thanks to expert marketplaces like LCLXchange. You get instant quotes based on your specific cargo details. With this, you can compare the prices, and pick the best deal on offer. Take a second to know more about these services from LCLXchange.

What is air freight shipping services?


Air freight shipping services are the services provided to transport goods from one place to another. These shipping services transport business goods through air transport. Air freight is the shipment of business goods that have to be transported. Goods can be shipped by consolidated or expedient shipping services.


Instant Ocean Freight Rates


  • Consolidated Air Freight shipping – When you transport your business goods through a commercial shipper along with other such shipments, it is called consolidated air freight shipment. All the shipments or freights are put into one commercial flight to be transported. Every shipper has a portion reserved on the commercial flight to transport the goods so forwarded to him. This method is cost-effective and is also a reliable source to transport your business goods.


  • Expedited Air Freight Shipping- This type of shipping service put the goods to be transported on the next flight out. These shipping services are used in cases of extreme emergencies or cases of unforeseen delays. These shipping services cost more as they cater to emergency needs.


All these shipping services are available for international air freight to expand businesses across the global market.

Hire an expert to advise you for picking the air freight shipping services best for your needs. When you are doing business overseas and need help with international air freight, ask the experts at LCLXchange. Get the best value and advice for your money using the expertise of the forwarders available.


Benefits Available For Air Shipment


Air shipping is one of the fastest-growing sources of transporting business goods. There are so many benefits of choosing air shipping services:

  1. Time: The time consumed for the transportation of such goods is the least when compared to other shipping services.
  2. Reduced risks: When you decide to transport your goods via air, the risks of theft and damages are reduced to a very large extent.
  3. Tracking: You can track your shipment at every step of the way. These tracking services provide detailed accountability.
  4. Packaging: The goods transported need no extra sturdy packaging. The packaging costs are relatively cheaper as compared to shipments being transported via roads or the seas.
  5. Distances: The distances that air shipping services can cover is higher than any other mode.

Make your international air freight a cause of no concern, seek advice from the best experts and forwarders. They know the market and its business well and their expertise can prove the best avail to you.


Your Best Approach


When you deal with your goods as a shipment you are required to have the best knowledge and information. To keep your goods in the best hands make sure of you:

  • Relationships: Your relationships with the forwarder and the shipment officer are crucial to your business. Maintaining healthy relationships with forwarders will help you get the best information for the offer and quotes on the air freight shipping services. With quotes giving you prices your shipment forwarder can help you choose and compare all deals.
  • Innovation: Best quotes and innovations offered by your agents for your international air freight deals will enhance your business base globally.
  • Losses: The chances of losing your shipment via air shipping are the least. As the deals help both the forwarder and businessman both take the utmost care of the shipments.

Choose your dealer with as much care as you choose your deals. Make sure you visit the LCLXchange website today, to get connected with multiple service providers. This way you will have the power of choosing the best one as per your preferences.


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