11 Sep 2020

Basics of air freight rates and four ways to reduce them

international air freight rates

Airfreight is one of the most sought after methods of shipping. That’s because air freight is the fastest and most reliable method for shipping internationally or otherwise. You will face no delays in arrival and departure times. It offers more security, and your freight is less likely to get damaged or compromised.

If you’re considering this method for shipping, it helps if you know international air freight rates. In this blog, you will learn how air freight rates get calculated. And you can learn four ways that can get you the most affordable freight costs.  

What all goes into calculating air freight rates? 

Note that every carrier has different methods to calculate freight costs. Typically, all the forwarders consider the weight and volume of your shipment. More significant of the two choices get used to figuring out the chargeable weight. The actual weight and volumetric weight are the two metrics that decide your base freight rate.

Other fees may be applicable for air freight quote international shipping. Other fees may include fuel surcharges, security surcharges, container freight station fees, and airline terminal handling fees, etc. The door-to-door costs include custom clearance fees, associated trucking fees, and cargo insurance, etc. With so many variables it is clear that different operators will have different quotes. It is better to use a single source like LCLxchange that brings comparative costs from various carriers. This will speed up your decision-making process 

Four ways you can reduce air freight costs 

Below are four ways you can get the maximum ‘value for money’ freight costs.  

  1. Choose a reliable forwarder: You may find many carriers offering cheap rates. But, you must look at the bigger picture. You should always think long terms and choose a trustworthy freight forwarder. Those offering cheap costs may come with unpleasant surprises, delays, etc. Don’t rush into choosing a forwarder, take time, and pick a reliable one.Save time by connecting with a reliable resource like LCLxchange. It brings competitive quotes from various freight forwarders to help you deicide which is the ideal vendor to go with.
  1. Enquire about of applicable fees: Note that low rates carriers may have hidden costs. When you compare your carrier options, consider a complete quote. You should ask the forwarder to provide you with a list of all applicable fees. You should confirm which fees get included in the base rate. And you should also see which are the up-front fees and fees that will follow with the invoice. By using LCLxchange you can do a side- by- side comparison of the different providers, thus allowing total transparency into the whole process. 
  1. Plan well ahead of time: When it comes to air freight shipping, it helps when you plan. It’s not a good idea to pay a higher price for expedited shipping. Instead, you should book a spot on the freight as early as possible. It ensures hassle-free and affordable shipping. You can start by getting an international air freight quote from reliable carriers a month ahead. 
  1. Consider deferring your shipment: Sometimes, you should allow your not-so-urgent cargo to have deferred shipping. You can minimize your shipping rates by adding a transit time of a few days. In comparison with ocean freight, your deferred air freight will still be much faster and cost-efficient too.

To conclude

When it comes to air freight, carriers consider weight and volume to calculate the cost. By referring to the four ways above, you can indeed fetch an affordable freight rate. Remember, you should choose a trustworthy forwarder. Alternatively you can go with a reliable company like LCLxchange. It offers container and freight quotes from reputable freight forwarders through their online portal.


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