16 Dec 2019

All You Need To Know About LTL Delivery And Guaranteed LTL Delivery

1B. LTL Delivery

Due to the exponential growth of businesses worldwide, almost every business needs a smooth and reliable option for transportation of their goods. Their goods are either sent domestically or internationally. These cargoes are heavy and there are various ways heavy cargos can be delivered, such as, via train transport, flight transport, and road transport. In road transport, the freight is delivered via either FTL (Full Truck Load) or LTL(Less Than Truckload or Less Than Load). Most business owners rely on FTL or LTL for delivering their products or receiving deliveries. LTL is a convenient option for business owners or manufacturers who ship cargos that are 150 pounds (68 kg) or less. Guaranteed LTL delivery is a better way to take your business to a new height.

What is a guaranteed LTL Delivery?


To understand what is guaranteed LTL delivery, we first need to understand what LTL delivery is. When you request a regular LTL delivery, an estimated delivery date or stipulated turn-around time is given to you. It’s because the transit time given is based on a rough estimation considering the regular flow of transport. In a standard LTL delivery the product is delivered giving the shipper a large window to deliver, because there is no strict commitment of time. If, you need to receive the product quicker, then opt for a guaranteed LTL delivery. When you request a guaranteed LTL delivery, the carrier service providers calculate a more accurate turn-around time. They take the route, the number of freight carriers going in the same direction, distance, size of the freight, whether forecast, method of shipment, planned national holidays, and several other things that can drive transport durations. Additionally; it is important to note that, guaranteed LTL shipping may not cover all types of freight delivery or remote destinations. Oversized, extremely heavy, and hazardous freights may not be covered either. Typically, a guaranteed LTL requires an additional fee for the safety and smooth-flowing of your cargoes. For the extra cost, you and your customers get peace of mind.

When should you guarantee an LTL delivery?


  • When you want to fulfill the commitment of and meet the expectations of your clients. If you deal with retailers who have short deadlines and commitments.
  • When you want to build a trustworthy relationship with a potentially beneficial client, some potential clients are very particular about time and reliability. A reputable client does not want to disappoint his or her customers. Some frequent misses of timeliness in the delivery of freights could turn off a client, and it could be a loss to your business. Also, punctuality in business can attract more potential customers.

  • When you want a smooth chain of logistics. Reliability is important when dealing with clients who need a steady flow of supplies. With a proper and timely supply chain of products, you have a committed client who is, in turn, depends upon you as the only option.
  • When dealing with clients who deal with security, defense, medical equipment, or other critical businesses, urgency is paramount. Typically, these types of shipment require secure and accurate delivery schedules. These customers may not want their freight to be delivered along with other types of freights, as it may create unforeseen logistical problems which could pose delays to their overall efforts.
  • When your clients’ shipping activities are dependent on your delivery timeline. To give an example, you have to deliver a whole batch of toys to the retail outlets of your client for a special occasion like a function or holiday event. In situations like this practically it’s viable to order goods beforehand to avoid unexpected delays.


In conclusion, LTL is a speedy and reliable transportation option that can drive value for your business and clients.

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