16 Oct 2019

Advantages & Disadvantages of Ocean Freight Transportation Services

Ocean Freight Transportation Services1

We used waters to connect the continents. Vast discoveries of foreign lands were made on the ocean which also became a preferred mode to transport goods from one continent to another.

Business deals and transportation has gotten better and we have developed a quicker mode of transportation. Air freight is much quicker than ocean freight in completing transportation. Ocean freight rates are relatively lower than air freight rates. Ocean freight has its advantages and disadvantages that we should be aware of. The main factors which demand attention are-

  • Durability
  • Volume of cargo
  • Transportation charges
  • The time of delivery

With the air technology, it is believed that the ocean freight must have become obsolete. This archaic mode of transportation is still reliable and comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Businesses do prefer ocean freight for below-mentioned reasons.


Instant Ocean Freight Rates

Advantages of Ocean Freight


  • The ocean freight rates are relatively lower than other modes. For heavy cargo, you can save substantial amount of monetary resources on your intercontinental shipping. This is the biggest advantage of ocean freight over other modes.
  • The maintenance cost of water transport is lower than other means. Probably that is   why the cost of ocean freight is lower. The maintenance cost of rail and air transportation system is much higher and puts pressure on the pockets of the clients.
  • Airplanes cannot carry heavy cargo. Automobile components, machinery, factory equipment cannot be transported through planes. Airfreight can be expensive and also you would have to buy more trips than if you chose ocean freight. With ocean freight, you can transport large quantities of cargo with a relatively lower charge.
  • The worry around climate change is intense. Preference to ocean freight over air freight is preferred because of minimal carbon footprint. The amount of fuel used is also lower than used by aeroplanes.
  • Ocean freight is useful for carrying harmful, dangerous material. It ensures the safety of your cargo because ships have been advanced throughout history to provide better transportation. Sealed containers are used to provide extra safety to your goods.
  • The size of your cargo is not an issue here. Smaller shipments can be arranged together to carry your goods in bulk.

The yin-yang philosophy works with ocean freights. Ocean Freight does come with some disadvantages associated with it. Lower transportation charges, larger capacity, lower maintenance cost etc are some of the advantages of ocean freight.

Following are some of the disadvantages of using ocean freight-


  • The delivery time is slower than air freight’s deliveries. It may take you weeks to get your cargo deliver delivered to the destination. It is not a favourable mode of transportation if you want quicker delivery for your goods.
  • Since your cargo spends a long time on the waters, there is more chance of the delivery getting obstructed by weather conditions which may cause delay and damage to your shipment.
  • Unavailability of ship ports is a major issue with ocean freight. Some parts of the world lack proper ship ports, or ports big enough to let huge shipments in. The lack of facilities of ports and terminals is one of the major limitations to ocean freight.

Ocean freight comes with its ups and downs, highs and lows. Tons of cargo can be shipped at once, but it may take you a month to deliver it. It is still trusted and credible because of the ease it brings to the business by saving up your monetary resources. If reliable delivery is a necessity then it makes total sense to go for ocean freight; it will add immense ROI to your business, owing to the cost effective pricing as compared to air freight. For those who want their consignments to be transported across nations or continents, then ocean freight can be a dependable option to try out.

If you want to know more about instant ocean freight rates, go to LCLXChange’s website. They provide both ocean and air freight rates for the ease of the clients. You get an assessment of your cargo and check the cost online. This will help you pick the best deal based on your destination information and your specific cargo load details.



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