Time Zones

The LCLXchange is a global tool to support LCL type transactions. This section provides the list of time zones that the LCLXchange uses.

Timezone String Country City Time Offset
Africa/Abidjan Africa Abidjan UTC/GMT +00:00
Africa/Accra Africa Accra UTC/GMT +00:00
Africa/Addis_Ababa Africa Addis Ababa UTC/GMT +03:00
Africa/Algiers Africa Algiers UTC/GMT +01:00
Africa/Asmara Africa Asmara UTC/GMT +03:00
Africa/Bamako Africa Bamako UTC/GMT +00:00
Africa/Bangui Africa Bangui UTC/GMT +01:00
Africa/Banjul Africa Banjul UTC/GMT +00:00
Africa/Bissau Africa Bissau UTC/GMT +00:00
Africa/Blantyre Africa Blantyre UTC/GMT +02:00
Africa/Brazzaville Africa Brazzaville UTC/GMT +01:00
Africa/Bujumbura Africa Bujumbura UTC/GMT +02:00
Africa/Cairo Africa Cairo UTC/GMT +02:00
Africa/Casablanca Africa Casablanca UTC/GMT +01:00
Africa/Ceuta Africa Ceuta UTC/GMT +02:00
Africa/Conakry Africa Conakry UTC/GMT +00:00
Africa/Dakar Africa Dakar UTC/GMT +00:00
Africa/Dar_es_Salaam Africa Dar es Salaam UTC/GMT +03:00
Africa/Djibouti Africa Djibouti UTC/GMT +03:00
Africa/Douala Africa Douala UTC/GMT +01:00
Africa/El_Aaiun Africa El Aaiun UTC/GMT +01:00
Africa/Freetown Africa Freetown UTC/GMT +00:00
Africa/Gaborone Africa Gaborone UTC/GMT +02:00
Africa/Harare Africa Harare UTC/GMT +02:00
Africa/Johannesburg Africa Johannesburg UTC/GMT +02:00
Africa/Juba Africa Juba UTC/GMT +02:00
Africa/Kampala Africa Kampala UTC/GMT +03:00
Africa/Khartoum Africa Khartoum UTC/GMT +02:00
Africa/Kigali Africa Kigali UTC/GMT +02:00
Africa/Kinshasa Africa Kinshasa UTC/GMT +01:00
Africa/Lagos Africa Lagos UTC/GMT +01:00
Africa/Libreville Africa Libreville UTC/GMT +01:00
Africa/Lome Africa Lome UTC/GMT +00:00
Africa/Luanda Africa Luanda UTC/GMT +01:00
Africa/Lubumbashi Africa Lubumbashi UTC/GMT +02:00
Africa/Lusaka Africa Lusaka UTC/GMT +02:00
Africa/Malabo Africa Malabo UTC/GMT +01:00
Africa/Maputo Africa Maputo UTC/GMT +02:00
Africa/Maseru Africa Maseru UTC/GMT +02:00
Africa/Mbabane Africa Mbabane UTC/GMT +02:00
Africa/Mogadishu Africa Mogadishu UTC/GMT +03:00
Africa/Monrovia Africa Monrovia UTC/GMT +00:00
Africa/Nairobi Africa Nairobi UTC/GMT +03:00
Africa/Ndjamena Africa Ndjamena UTC/GMT +01:00
Africa/Niamey Africa Niamey UTC/GMT +01:00
Africa/Nouakchott Africa Nouakchott UTC/GMT +00:00
Africa/Ouagadougou Africa Ouagadougou UTC/GMT +00:00
Africa/Porto-Novo Africa Porto-Novo UTC/GMT +01:00
Africa/Sao_Tome Africa Sao Tome UTC/GMT +00:00
Africa/Tripoli Africa Tripoli UTC/GMT +02:00
Africa/Tunis Africa Tunis UTC/GMT +01:00
Africa/Windhoek Africa Windhoek UTC/GMT +02:00
America/Adak America Adak UTC/GMT -09:00
America/Anchorage America Anchorage UTC/GMT -08:00
America/Anguilla America Anguilla UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Antigua America Antigua UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Araguaina America Araguaina UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires America Argentina UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Argentina/Catamarca America Argentina UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Argentina/Cordoba America Argentina UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Argentina/Jujuy America Argentina UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Argentina/La_Rioja America Argentina UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Argentina/Mendoza America Argentina UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Argentina/Rio_Gallegos America Argentina UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Argentina/Salta America Argentina UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Argentina/San_Juan America Argentina UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Argentina/San_Luis America Argentina UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Argentina/Tucuman America Argentina UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Argentina/Ushuaia America Argentina UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Aruba America Aruba UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Asuncion America Asuncion UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Atikokan America Atikokan UTC/GMT -05:00
America/Bahia America Bahia UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Bahia_Banderas America Bahia Banderas UTC/GMT -05:00
America/Barbados America Barbados UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Belem America Belem UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Belize America Belize UTC/GMT -06:00
America/Blanc-Sablon America Blanc-Sablon UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Boa_Vista America Boa Vista UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Bogota America Bogota UTC/GMT -05:00
America/Boise America Boise UTC/GMT -06:00
America/Cambridge_Bay America Cambridge Bay UTC/GMT -06:00
America/Campo_Grande America Campo Grande UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Cancun America Cancun UTC/GMT -05:00
America/Caracas America Caracas UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Cayenne America Cayenne UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Cayman America Cayman UTC/GMT -05:00
America/Chicago America Chicago UTC/GMT -05:00
America/Chihuahua America Chihuahua UTC/GMT -06:00
America/Costa_Rica America Costa Rica UTC/GMT -06:00
America/Creston America Creston UTC/GMT -07:00
America/Cuiaba America Cuiaba UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Curacao America Curacao UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Danmarkshavn America Danmarkshavn UTC/GMT +00:00
America/Dawson America Dawson UTC/GMT -07:00
America/Dawson_Creek America Dawson Creek UTC/GMT -07:00
America/Denver America Denver UTC/GMT -06:00
America/Detroit America Detroit UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Dominica America Dominica UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Edmonton America Edmonton UTC/GMT -06:00
America/Eirunepe America Eirunepe UTC/GMT -05:00
America/El_Salvador America El Salvador UTC/GMT -06:00
America/Fort_Nelson America Fort Nelson UTC/GMT -07:00
America/Fortaleza America Fortaleza UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Glace_Bay America Glace Bay UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Goose_Bay America Goose Bay UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Grand_Turk America Grand Turk UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Grenada America Grenada UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Guadeloupe America Guadeloupe UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Guatemala America Guatemala UTC/GMT -06:00
America/Guayaquil America Guayaquil UTC/GMT -05:00
America/Guyana America Guyana UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Halifax America Halifax UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Havana America Havana UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Hermosillo America Hermosillo UTC/GMT -07:00
America/Indiana/Indianapolis America Indiana UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Indiana/Knox America Indiana UTC/GMT -05:00
America/Indiana/Marengo America Indiana UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Indiana/Petersburg America Indiana UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Indiana/Tell_City America Indiana UTC/GMT -05:00
America/Indiana/Vevay America Indiana UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Indiana/Vincennes America Indiana UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Indiana/Winamac America Indiana UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Inuvik America Inuvik UTC/GMT -06:00
America/Iqaluit America Iqaluit UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Jamaica America Jamaica UTC/GMT -05:00
America/Juneau America Juneau UTC/GMT -08:00
America/Kentucky/Louisville America Kentucky UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Kentucky/Monticello America Kentucky UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Kralendijk America Kralendijk UTC/GMT -04:00
America/La_Paz America La Paz UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Lima America Lima UTC/GMT -05:00
America/Los_Angeles America Los Angeles UTC/GMT -07:00
America/Lower_Princes America Lower Princes UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Maceio America Maceio UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Managua America Managua UTC/GMT -06:00
America/Manaus America Manaus UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Marigot America Marigot UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Martinique America Martinique UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Matamoros America Matamoros UTC/GMT -05:00
America/Mazatlan America Mazatlan UTC/GMT -06:00
America/Menominee America Menominee UTC/GMT -05:00
America/Merida America Merida UTC/GMT -05:00
America/Metlakatla America Metlakatla UTC/GMT -08:00
America/Mexico_City America Mexico City UTC/GMT -05:00
America/Miquelon America Miquelon UTC/GMT -02:00
America/Moncton America Moncton UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Monterrey America Monterrey UTC/GMT -05:00
America/Montevideo America Montevideo UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Montserrat America Montserrat UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Nassau America Nassau UTC/GMT -04:00
America/New_York America New York UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Nipigon America Nipigon UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Nome America Nome UTC/GMT -08:00
America/Noronha America Noronha UTC/GMT -02:00
America/North_Dakota/Beulah America North Dakota UTC/GMT -05:00
America/North_Dakota/Center America North Dakota UTC/GMT -05:00
America/North_Dakota/New_Salem America North Dakota UTC/GMT -05:00
America/Nuuk America Nuuk UTC/GMT -02:00
America/Ojinaga America Ojinaga UTC/GMT -06:00
America/Panama America Panama UTC/GMT -05:00
America/Pangnirtung America Pangnirtung UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Paramaribo America Paramaribo UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Phoenix America Phoenix UTC/GMT -07:00
America/Port-au-Prince America Port-au-Prince UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Port_of_Spain America Port of Spain UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Porto_Velho America Porto Velho UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Puerto_Rico America Puerto Rico UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Punta_Arenas America Punta Arenas UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Rainy_River America Rainy River UTC/GMT -05:00
America/Rankin_Inlet America Rankin Inlet UTC/GMT -05:00
America/Recife America Recife UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Regina America Regina UTC/GMT -06:00
America/Resolute America Resolute UTC/GMT -05:00
America/Rio_Branco America Rio Branco UTC/GMT -05:00
America/Santarem America Santarem UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Santiago America Santiago UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Santo_Domingo America Santo Domingo UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Sao_Paulo America Sao Paulo UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Scoresbysund America Scoresbysund UTC/GMT +00:00
America/Sitka America Sitka UTC/GMT -08:00
America/St_Barthelemy America St Barthelemy UTC/GMT -04:00
America/St_Johns America St Johns UTC/GMT -02:30
America/St_Kitts America St Kitts UTC/GMT -04:00
America/St_Lucia America St Lucia UTC/GMT -04:00
America/St_Thomas America St Thomas UTC/GMT -04:00
America/St_Vincent America St Vincent UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Swift_Current America Swift Current UTC/GMT -06:00
America/Tegucigalpa America Tegucigalpa UTC/GMT -06:00
America/Thule America Thule UTC/GMT -03:00
America/Thunder_Bay America Thunder Bay UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Tijuana America Tijuana UTC/GMT -07:00
America/Toronto America Toronto UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Tortola America Tortola UTC/GMT -04:00
America/Vancouver America Vancouver UTC/GMT -07:00
America/Whitehorse America Whitehorse UTC/GMT -07:00
America/Winnipeg America Winnipeg UTC/GMT -05:00
America/Yakutat America Yakutat UTC/GMT -08:00
America/Yellowknife America Yellowknife UTC/GMT -06:00
Antarctica/Casey Antarctica Casey UTC/GMT +11:00
Antarctica/Davis Antarctica Davis UTC/GMT +07:00
Antarctica/DumontDUrville Antarctica DumontDUrville UTC/GMT +10:00
Antarctica/Macquarie Antarctica Macquarie UTC/GMT +10:00
Antarctica/Mawson Antarctica Mawson UTC/GMT +05:00
Antarctica/McMurdo Antarctica McMurdo UTC/GMT +12:00
Antarctica/Palmer Antarctica Palmer UTC/GMT -03:00
Antarctica/Rothera Antarctica Rothera UTC/GMT -03:00
Antarctica/Syowa Antarctica Syowa UTC/GMT +03:00
Antarctica/Troll Antarctica Troll UTC/GMT +02:00
Antarctica/Vostok Antarctica Vostok UTC/GMT +06:00
Arctic/Longyearbyen Arctic Longyearbyen UTC/GMT +02:00
Asia/Aden Asia Aden UTC/GMT +03:00
Asia/Almaty Asia Almaty UTC/GMT +06:00
Asia/Amman Asia Amman UTC/GMT +03:00
Asia/Anadyr Asia Anadyr UTC/GMT +12:00
Asia/Aqtau Asia Aqtau UTC/GMT +05:00
Asia/Aqtobe Asia Aqtobe UTC/GMT +05:00
Asia/Ashgabat Asia Ashgabat UTC/GMT +05:00
Asia/Atyrau Asia Atyrau UTC/GMT +05:00
Asia/Baghdad Asia Baghdad UTC/GMT +03:00
Asia/Bahrain Asia Bahrain UTC/GMT +03:00
Asia/Baku Asia Baku UTC/GMT +04:00
Asia/Bangkok Asia Bangkok UTC/GMT +07:00
Asia/Barnaul Asia Barnaul UTC/GMT +07:00
Asia/Beirut Asia Beirut UTC/GMT +03:00
Asia/Bishkek Asia Bishkek UTC/GMT +06:00
Asia/Brunei Asia Brunei UTC/GMT +08:00
Asia/Chita Asia Chita UTC/GMT +09:00
Asia/Choibalsan Asia Choibalsan UTC/GMT +08:00
Asia/Colombo Asia Colombo UTC/GMT +05:30
Asia/Damascus Asia Damascus UTC/GMT +03:00
Asia/Dhaka Asia Dhaka UTC/GMT +06:00
Asia/Dili Asia Dili UTC/GMT +09:00
Asia/Dubai Asia Dubai UTC/GMT +04:00
Asia/Dushanbe Asia Dushanbe UTC/GMT +05:00
Asia/Famagusta Asia Famagusta UTC/GMT +03:00
Asia/Gaza Asia Gaza UTC/GMT +03:00
Asia/Hebron Asia Hebron UTC/GMT +03:00
Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh Asia Ho Chi Minh UTC/GMT +07:00
Asia/Hong_Kong Asia Hong Kong UTC/GMT +08:00
Asia/Hovd Asia Hovd UTC/GMT +07:00
Asia/Irkutsk Asia Irkutsk UTC/GMT +08:00
Asia/Jakarta Asia Jakarta UTC/GMT +07:00
Asia/Jayapura Asia Jayapura UTC/GMT +09:00
Asia/Jerusalem Asia Jerusalem UTC/GMT +03:00
Asia/Kabul Asia Kabul UTC/GMT +04:30
Asia/Kamchatka Asia Kamchatka UTC/GMT +12:00
Asia/Karachi Asia Karachi UTC/GMT +05:00
Asia/Kathmandu Asia Kathmandu UTC/GMT +05:45
Asia/Khandyga Asia Khandyga UTC/GMT +09:00
Asia/Kolkata Asia Kolkata UTC/GMT +05:30
Asia/Krasnoyarsk Asia Krasnoyarsk UTC/GMT +07:00
Asia/Kuala_Lumpur Asia Kuala Lumpur UTC/GMT +08:00
Asia/Kuching Asia Kuching UTC/GMT +08:00
Asia/Kuwait Asia Kuwait UTC/GMT +03:00
Asia/Macau Asia Macau UTC/GMT +08:00
Asia/Magadan Asia Magadan UTC/GMT +11:00
Asia/Makassar Asia Makassar UTC/GMT +08:00
Asia/Manila Asia Manila UTC/GMT +08:00
Asia/Muscat Asia Muscat UTC/GMT +04:00
Asia/Nicosia Asia Nicosia UTC/GMT +03:00
Asia/Novokuznetsk Asia Novokuznetsk UTC/GMT +07:00
Asia/Novosibirsk Asia Novosibirsk UTC/GMT +07:00
Asia/Omsk Asia Omsk UTC/GMT +06:00
Asia/Oral Asia Oral UTC/GMT +05:00
Asia/Phnom_Penh Asia Phnom Penh UTC/GMT +07:00
Asia/Pontianak Asia Pontianak UTC/GMT +07:00
Asia/Pyongyang Asia Pyongyang UTC/GMT +09:00
Asia/Qatar Asia Qatar UTC/GMT +03:00
Asia/Qostanay Asia Qostanay UTC/GMT +06:00
Asia/Qyzylorda Asia Qyzylorda UTC/GMT +05:00
Asia/Riyadh Asia Riyadh UTC/GMT +03:00
Asia/Sakhalin Asia Sakhalin UTC/GMT +11:00
Asia/Samarkand Asia Samarkand UTC/GMT +05:00
Asia/Seoul Asia Seoul UTC/GMT +09:00
Asia/Shanghai Asia Shanghai UTC/GMT +08:00
Asia/Singapore Asia Singapore UTC/GMT +08:00
Asia/Srednekolymsk Asia Srednekolymsk UTC/GMT +11:00
Asia/Taipei Asia Taipei UTC/GMT +08:00
Asia/Tashkent Asia Tashkent UTC/GMT +05:00
Asia/Tbilisi Asia Tbilisi UTC/GMT +04:00
Asia/Tehran Asia Tehran UTC/GMT +04:30
Asia/Thimphu Asia Thimphu UTC/GMT +06:00
Asia/Tokyo Asia Tokyo UTC/GMT +09:00
Asia/Tomsk Asia Tomsk UTC/GMT +07:00
Asia/Ulaanbaatar Asia Ulaanbaatar UTC/GMT +08:00
Asia/Urumqi Asia Urumqi UTC/GMT +06:00
Asia/Ust-Nera Asia Ust-Nera UTC/GMT +10:00
Asia/Vientiane Asia Vientiane UTC/GMT +07:00
Asia/Vladivostok Asia Vladivostok UTC/GMT +10:00
Asia/Yakutsk Asia Yakutsk UTC/GMT +09:00
Asia/Yangon Asia Yangon UTC/GMT +06:30
Asia/Yekaterinburg Asia Yekaterinburg UTC/GMT +05:00
Asia/Yerevan Asia Yerevan UTC/GMT +04:00
Atlantic/Azores Atlantic Azores UTC/GMT +00:00
Atlantic/Bermuda Atlantic Bermuda UTC/GMT -03:00
Atlantic/Canary Atlantic Canary UTC/GMT +01:00
Atlantic/Cape_Verde Atlantic Cape Verde UTC/GMT -01:00
Atlantic/Faroe Atlantic Faroe UTC/GMT +01:00
Atlantic/Madeira Atlantic Madeira UTC/GMT +01:00
Atlantic/Reykjavik Atlantic Reykjavik UTC/GMT +00:00
Atlantic/South_Georgia Atlantic South Georgia UTC/GMT -02:00
Atlantic/St_Helena Atlantic St Helena UTC/GMT +00:00
Atlantic/Stanley Atlantic Stanley UTC/GMT -03:00
Australia/Adelaide Australia Adelaide UTC/GMT +09:30
Australia/Brisbane Australia Brisbane UTC/GMT +10:00
Australia/Broken_Hill Australia Broken Hill UTC/GMT +09:30
Australia/Darwin Australia Darwin UTC/GMT +09:30
Australia/Eucla Australia Eucla UTC/GMT +08:45
Australia/Hobart Australia Hobart UTC/GMT +10:00
Australia/Lindeman Australia Lindeman UTC/GMT +10:00
Australia/Lord_Howe Australia Lord Howe UTC/GMT +10:30
Australia/Melbourne Australia Melbourne UTC/GMT +10:00
Australia/Perth Australia Perth UTC/GMT +08:00
Australia/Sydney Australia Sydney UTC/GMT +10:00
Europe/Amsterdam Europe Amsterdam UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Andorra Europe Andorra UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Astrakhan Europe Astrakhan UTC/GMT +04:00
Europe/Athens Europe Athens UTC/GMT +03:00
Europe/Belgrade Europe Belgrade UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Berlin Europe Berlin UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Bratislava Europe Bratislava UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Brussels Europe Brussels UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Bucharest Europe Bucharest UTC/GMT +03:00
Europe/Budapest Europe Budapest UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Busingen Europe Busingen UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Chisinau Europe Chisinau UTC/GMT +03:00
Europe/Copenhagen Europe Copenhagen UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Dublin Europe Dublin UTC/GMT +01:00
Europe/Gibraltar Europe Gibraltar UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Guernsey Europe Guernsey UTC/GMT +01:00
Europe/Helsinki Europe Helsinki UTC/GMT +03:00
Europe/Isle_of_Man Europe Isle of Man UTC/GMT +01:00
Europe/Istanbul Europe Istanbul UTC/GMT +03:00
Europe/Jersey Europe Jersey UTC/GMT +01:00
Europe/Kaliningrad Europe Kaliningrad UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Kiev Europe Kiev UTC/GMT +03:00
Europe/Kirov Europe Kirov UTC/GMT +03:00
Europe/Lisbon Europe Lisbon UTC/GMT +01:00
Europe/Ljubljana Europe Ljubljana UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/London Europe London UTC/GMT +01:00
Europe/Luxembourg Europe Luxembourg UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Madrid Europe Madrid UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Malta Europe Malta UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Mariehamn Europe Mariehamn UTC/GMT +03:00
Europe/Minsk Europe Minsk UTC/GMT +03:00
Europe/Monaco Europe Monaco UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Moscow Europe Moscow UTC/GMT +03:00
Europe/Oslo Europe Oslo UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Paris Europe Paris UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Podgorica Europe Podgorica UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Prague Europe Prague UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Riga Europe Riga UTC/GMT +03:00
Europe/Rome Europe Rome UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Samara Europe Samara UTC/GMT +04:00
Europe/San_Marino Europe San Marino UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Sarajevo Europe Sarajevo UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Saratov Europe Saratov UTC/GMT +04:00
Europe/Simferopol Europe Simferopol UTC/GMT +03:00
Europe/Skopje Europe Skopje UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Sofia Europe Sofia UTC/GMT +03:00
Europe/Stockholm Europe Stockholm UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Tallinn Europe Tallinn UTC/GMT +03:00
Europe/Tirane Europe Tirane UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Ulyanovsk Europe Ulyanovsk UTC/GMT +04:00
Europe/Uzhgorod Europe Uzhgorod UTC/GMT +03:00
Europe/Vaduz Europe Vaduz UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Vatican Europe Vatican UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Vienna Europe Vienna UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Vilnius Europe Vilnius UTC/GMT +03:00
Europe/Volgograd Europe Volgograd UTC/GMT +03:00
Europe/Warsaw Europe Warsaw UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Zagreb Europe Zagreb UTC/GMT +02:00
Europe/Zaporozhye Europe Zaporozhye UTC/GMT +03:00
Europe/Zurich Europe Zurich UTC/GMT +02:00
Indian/Antananarivo Indian Antananarivo UTC/GMT +03:00
Indian/Chagos Indian Chagos UTC/GMT +06:00
Indian/Christmas Indian Christmas UTC/GMT +07:00
Indian/Cocos Indian Cocos UTC/GMT +06:30
Indian/Comoro Indian Comoro UTC/GMT +03:00
Indian/Kerguelen Indian Kerguelen UTC/GMT +05:00
Indian/Mahe Indian Mahe UTC/GMT +04:00
Indian/Maldives Indian Maldives UTC/GMT +05:00
Indian/Mauritius Indian Mauritius UTC/GMT +04:00
Indian/Mayotte Indian Mayotte UTC/GMT +03:00
Indian/Reunion Indian Reunion UTC/GMT +04:00
Pacific/Apia Pacific Apia UTC/GMT +13:00
Pacific/Auckland Pacific Auckland UTC/GMT +12:00
Pacific/Bougainville Pacific Bougainville UTC/GMT +11:00
Pacific/Chatham Pacific Chatham UTC/GMT +12:45
Pacific/Chuuk Pacific Chuuk UTC/GMT +10:00
Pacific/Easter Pacific Easter UTC/GMT -06:00
Pacific/Efate Pacific Efate UTC/GMT +11:00
Pacific/Fakaofo Pacific Fakaofo UTC/GMT +13:00
Pacific/Fiji Pacific Fiji UTC/GMT +12:00
Pacific/Funafuti Pacific Funafuti UTC/GMT +12:00
Pacific/Galapagos Pacific Galapagos UTC/GMT -06:00
Pacific/Gambier Pacific Gambier UTC/GMT -09:00
Pacific/Guadalcanal Pacific Guadalcanal UTC/GMT +11:00
Pacific/Guam Pacific Guam UTC/GMT +10:00
Pacific/Honolulu Pacific Honolulu UTC/GMT -10:00
Pacific/Kanton Pacific Kanton UTC/GMT +13:00
Pacific/Kiritimati Pacific Kiritimati UTC/GMT +14:00
Pacific/Kosrae Pacific Kosrae UTC/GMT +11:00
Pacific/Kwajalein Pacific Kwajalein UTC/GMT +12:00
Pacific/Majuro Pacific Majuro UTC/GMT +12:00
Pacific/Marquesas Pacific Marquesas UTC/GMT -09:30
Pacific/Midway Pacific Midway UTC/GMT -11:00
Pacific/Nauru Pacific Nauru UTC/GMT +12:00
Pacific/Niue Pacific Niue UTC/GMT -11:00
Pacific/Norfolk Pacific Norfolk UTC/GMT +11:00
Pacific/Noumea Pacific Noumea UTC/GMT +11:00
Pacific/Pago_Pago Pacific Pago Pago UTC/GMT -11:00
Pacific/Palau Pacific Palau UTC/GMT +09:00
Pacific/Pitcairn Pacific Pitcairn UTC/GMT -08:00
Pacific/Pohnpei Pacific Pohnpei UTC/GMT +11:00
Pacific/Port_Moresby Pacific Port Moresby UTC/GMT +10:00
Pacific/Rarotonga Pacific Rarotonga UTC/GMT -10:00
Pacific/Saipan Pacific Saipan UTC/GMT +10:00
Pacific/Tahiti Pacific Tahiti UTC/GMT -10:00
Pacific/Tarawa Pacific Tarawa UTC/GMT +12:00
Pacific/Tongatapu Pacific Tongatapu UTC/GMT +13:00
Pacific/Wake Pacific Wake UTC/GMT +12:00
Pacific/Wallis Pacific Wallis UTC/GMT +12:00